Oprah: What is your dream for your life?

Hugh: I'm living it right now—it's my family. That's my priority. Deb and I are about to celebrate ten years together, and I'm absolutely mad about her. For me, life is about deepening that connection and deepening my level of service. People often ask me, "How do you do the same show over and over again?" But we all do the same routine in life over and over again. People have the same relationships. We go through the same patterns. My acting teacher once said, "Acting is the best training for life." I have the opportunity to do the same show, but to make it deeper each time. And isn't that what we're here for?

Oprah: I love that. Do you feel that when you play Wolverine in X-Men?

Hugh: Absolutely. I've never read a comic book. But when we started doing the movies, our job was to make these characters real people. The core audience is teenagers who feel different. Weird. Ostracized. Misunderstood. Which is what X-Men 's about.

Oprah: What principles do you live by?

Hugh: The number one principle: Cause and effect. The second I take from Socrates: Know thyself. Another: Speak the truth. That's a hard one. You have to do it kindly. You can't just tell someone, "Hey, you've put on weight."

Oprah: Exactly. I love the first principle in The Four Agreements: Be impeccable with your word. Any others?

Hugh: Be of service.

Oprah: You've got it!


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