Oprah: Now that you have a multimillion-dollar deal with ABC, do you feel you've made it?

Shonda: Part of me thinks, "I worked really hard for this, and I deserve it." Another part of me thinks, "Made it over that hurdle—what's the next one?" In a weird way, Grey's Anatomy feels like an experiment. Now it's time to go out there and apply what I've learned in a bigger way—to do a couple of other shows and see what happens.

Oprah: Are you happy?

Shonda: I am. I'm enjoying this series in a way that I never thought I would. When I write something and it airs, I feel an immediate sense of satisfaction.

Oprah: What's your dream for yourself?

Shonda:: If I can continue doing this work and loving it, and still find time to be a mother, I'm living my dream.


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