Oprah: Was moving a hard decision for him?

Christiane: Jamie worked for Senator Kerry during this last election. Had Kerry won, we would have moved back to the States. And if Jamie and I were both on the road, I couldn't have traveled as much. I would have had to give up my job. I couldn't have left my child.

Oprah: I read that he just gave up everything for you and put on an apron.

Christiane: He's not a househusband—that's a myth. He worked for a private company and wrote speeches. Post 9/11, he became Jamie Rubin, the voice of Americans overseas.

Oprah: Do you want more children?

Christiane: It would be nice. But I'm 47 and a half years old. I think I've come to the end of my natural...

Oprah: There's a woman who just had a baby at 66.

Christiane: You can believe that was with plenty of aid.

Oprah: What makes you happy?

Christiane: A lot of things. I love my child. I love my husband. I love my life. I love going out to good dinners and seeing great plays. I love going to hear Eric Clapton, as I just did in the Albert Hall. We saw Cream—they reunited the band. Tell me this isn't amazing: Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce, all over 60.

Oprah: Eric Clapton looks good.

Christiane: How can you tell them they're old when they're still pulling the young ones into the tent? It's about talent and passion. It's about people believing that you're the real deal. And they are.

Oprah: Just like you. You're the real deal, girl.

Christiane: Oh, you're sweet.

Oprah: I can tell you still have the fire for your work.

Christiane: I do. That makes me a bit of an endangered species. I think we need to stop undermining ourselves and realize that journalism is an incredibly noble profession. Look at Woodward and Bernstein. What heroes! Their Watergate investigation inspired a whole generation of journalists. They've never lost their integrity. One thing that pains me is that public trust of journalists is diminishing. There have been stupid mistakes. But we [journalists] really do have trans-parent investigations of them. We bring outsiders in and investigate from top to bottom.

Oprah: That's at your level. But the truth is that in this country, the lines are so blurred between tabloid journalism and mainstream press.

Christiane: Right.

Oprah: As you travel, what do you hear about how the world feels about America?

Christiane: It's still very tense, though not quite as tense as it was at the height of anti-Americanism post 9/11. A couple of issues remain unresolved. The Iraq war is not going as well as had been expected or hoped. The constant bloodletting there is a source of great fear around the world. Many are saying, "If that's change, are we ready to pay the price in our blood?" In one month, around 700 Iraqis were killed—a huge number for such a short time. There's a lot of work to be done.


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