Oprah: No, I don't know what you mean!

Christiane: When I board a plane to fly to Baghdad, I do get fearful. I don't know whether I'll get shot out of the sky. Then I don't know whether I'll make it from the airport to the base. I think, What am I doing here? It's a war zone. But I always end up going back.

Oprah: Good God. All I can say is that the horse worked for you! Do you think you're brave?

Christiane: I don't think about it.

Oprah: Just like I don't think of myself as being famous, because fame is something that happens outside of yourself. You don't wake up and think, "Gee, what a brave woman I am." But let me tell you, you're a brave widdle wabbit!

Christiane: I wake up thinking about what a scaredy-cat I am these days. After I make it into Baghdad, I high-five my colleagues.

Oprah: Five years from now, do you see yourself going around the world wherever there's a need?

Christiane: I don't rule anything in or out. I've still got a lot of energy, passion, and commitment. I really believe in the power of mass media to do good. I believe that we are indispensable forces in proper functioning democracies and proper civil societies. If you look around the emerging democracies in the world—like Iran, for instance—it's often the journalists who are on the cutting edge of reform. We have an enormous role to play. Television brought you the abuses at Abu Ghraib. News like this is vital. If we don't respect our profession and we see it frittering away into the realm of triviality and sensationalism, we'll lose our standing. That won't be good for democracy. A thriving society must have a thriving press.


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