Oprah: What do you love about yourself when you look in the mirror? What are your best qualities?

Camille: When I look in the mirror, I know I'm looking at an honest person. I know I'm looking at myself, and I'm not looking at someone else I project to the world. What you see here is what you see everywhere I go....

Before I turned 40, I thought I would be concerned about aging, but I'm not. My gray hair came about because I went scuba diving with my eldest daughter, Erika. Prior to our dive, I'd been using a semipermanent dye. So when I went down in that ocean and came back up, this hair was gray. Erika said, "Mom, leave it like that." I said, "Leave it like what?" I looked at myself and said, "Oh, my God, it's time for me to accept this." I was about 42. That is part of the honesty, the honesty of my age and what is attendant with aging.

Oprah: So...have you been through menopause?

Camille: Been through it.

Oprah: Should I be scared?

Camille: No. I think menopause is individualistic. For me it wasn't a problem. Maybe it was because of my holistic approach to living, but I didn't have hot flashes or mood swings. Maybe my family thought differently.

Oprah: No hot flashes?

Camille: Never.

Oprah: I better get on that holistic program. My fear is because I hear so many women talking about having mood swings and no interest in sex. But you never feared it?

Camille: I had a fear of it before I turned 40. Forty just sounded so old to me when I was in my thirties. Then, when I turned 40, I said, "Well, this wasn't such a traumatic experience." It's okay now, because you feel more like a woman the older you get. You're not caught up in what is insignificant. You're not caught up with having makeup on all the time, or looking in the mirror every five minutes, or trying to be attractive to every man who walks by. You are a woman, and you have had all kinds of experiences by the time you are 40 or 50. So it's not about insignificant things anymore. It is about you, about what is inside you.

Oprah: What is the quality you dislike most in other people?

Camille: Dishonesty. I can't stand dishonesty. And now, after all these experiences with people, I can smell it coming through the door. I can see it. I'm beginning to look at people's auras or lack of. My antennas go way up. I'm very selective about who comes into our home now. I don't like people coming into our home whom I haven't checked out first.

Oprah: Because?

Camille: Because I only want people who I like in our home. I don't want people I don't like in our home. I just don't like dishonesty. I don't like a lack of integrity. I think integrity should permeate every aspect of your life. And if you don't have it, I'm going to feel it, and that's the end of it.


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