Oprah: But your mom knew you were getting married.

Sonja: Yes, but listen—there's not very much that Brandy doesn't tell me.

Oprah: How did you find out?

Sonja: We were in front of my house, and she was talking about getting married and the ring and all that. I said to both of them, "When is that time coming?" She said, "Mom, we already are married."

Oprah: When did that happen?

Brandy: At the end of last summer. I promised Robert I'd never tell the date.

Oprah: That's okay—you don't have to. Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me all the things you've already shared. What do you see for yourself in the future?

Brandy: I want to be the kind of example for others that you have been. I'm only 23, and I've been through what so many women have gone through. There are a lot of things I haven't shared—I'll save them for B Magazine one day! I want to start small—maybe get a group of teens or women together to talk about some of these issues.

Oprah: The power will be with you to do it. I've learned there's no point in having people put you on the pedestal if you don't use it for something meaningful. It's too powerful of a position to waste.

Brandy: Right.

Oprah: All right, girls—thank you for being so open with me. This was great!

Brandy and Sonja: Thank you!


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