Oprah: So you just created that character?

Bette: A complete fabrication. You have to love the illusion to make it work, of course; you have to fall in love with the character. But none of it is real.

Oprah: On the last page of the magazine is a column I write called "What I Know for Sure". I was inspired by the late film critic Gene Siskel, who asked, "What do you know for sure?" at the end of every interview. The first time I heard that question, I couldn't answer. Then I went home and thought about it. Bette, what do you know for sure?

Bette: That laughter feels really good. That there's a lot of conscious, tangible evil afoot in the world. That the planet will always go on. That you can find peace in nature. That music has great charm and is a great communicator. That dancing is good for the soul. That beauty is very healing and great for the spirit. That you gotta eat a little dirt before you die. That payback is a bitch. And that no matter who you are, there is no free lunch.


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