Not every question for Oprah is ready for prime time. Here are a few—submitted by O readers—that wouldn't make the cut:
Are you ending your show because you believe the world is ending when the Mayan calendar does, in 2012?

Will you be launching a line of haircare products any time soon?

Do you want to learn to knit?

You don't have long fingernails. Why?

Would you like to come over for dinner?

Are you ever going to run for Queen?

If Stedman became president, would you stop what you were doing and become First Lady?

Do you ever call in sick and just lie around the house and do nothing but snack and watch TV?

No matter how careful we are putting matched pairs of socks in the washer, one sock always goes missing. Oprah, where does the other sock go?

Do you have any other friends besides Gayle?

Have you been to a polo game yet?

How do I get tickets for your show?

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