In the December 2008 issue

OrnamentThe O List
Even more knockout presents under $100, including our editors' smartest advice on how to save money this season, and a roundup of eye-catching gifts that give back.Shop the guide.

Listening to Christmas music Rickey Minor's No-Fail Holiday Playlist
If holiday songs bring back memories, the American Idol bandleader says join the chorus. Here, he gives up a playlist of his 25 favorite tracks that link genres and generations Get the playlist.

Party outfitThe Perfect Party Outfit
O 's creative director, Adam Glassman, has 20 surefire ways to shine (not shock) at every event. Read his 20 ways to get dressed up.

FruitcakeMatt O'Neil's Fruitcake
"I took one bite and knew I had found the best fruitcake of the year. It was a tumble-down-comfort-chew." — Tom Chiarella from Behold, the Fruitcake. Try the recipe!

Toni MorrisonExclusive Interview: Toni Morrison
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author introduces the characters featured in her ninth mesmerizing novel, A Mercy (Knopf). Watch now.

OprahDr. Oz's Beauty Quiz
In a new book (You: Being Beautiful with Michael Roizen, MD), Oprah's favorite doctor, Mehmet Oz, serves up a revealing beauty quiz and gives advice on how you can achieve a more magnificent you. Discover your YOU-Q.

In the November 2008 issue

OprahWhat Do You Know for Sure?
We asked a notable group of men and women Oprah's favorite question. Read their simple, surprising, brilliant rules to live by. Then, tell us your greatest discoveries.

Start your own businessO's White House Leadership Project
The 80 winners of the first-ever O-White House Leadership Project contest get a crash course in changing the world. Meet each of the winners and learn about their projects. You'll also find resources to help you turn your own dreams into action.

From O.C. to NYC From O.C. to NYC
We took the Real Housewives of Orange County out of their West Coast comfort zone and gave them a sleek New York City makeover. Go behind the scenes with the stars.

In O's Big Book of Happiness

Suze Orman Identity Crisis
Identity theft has been the top consumer fraud complaint lodged with the Federal Trade Commission for seven years straight. Here's how to avoid becoming a statistic, including:
Start your own businessYour Great Idea, Whose Time Has Come
Get Polly Brewster's six-part guide to taking your dream from concept to reality, and download sample business plans here.

Common relationship pitfallsLove Traps 101
The test here evaluates the schemas Jeffrey E. Young sees most often. For info on the other 10 schema pitfalls, read Liesl Schillinger's report on the amazingly effective new therapy that just might transform what we think about when we think about love.

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