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In the January 2010 Issue

Note pad What's the Job for You?
More careers that match your striving style.

Tree ladder The Way to Really Motivate Yourself
Daniel H. Pink on how to tap into your drive.

Dr. Oz Joel Harper's Strength Training Workout
Try this 20-minute workout to build more muscle.

Paige Williams The 60-Day Makeover
She's 80 pounds overweight, divorced, out of work, and deeply in debt. She needs a physical and spiritual overhaul. Can 60 days in a Bikram hot-yoga studio really undo years of damage?

In the December 2009 Issue

Rukiya Brown dolls Rukiya Brown Dolls
See more of O bracelet designer Rukiya Brown's dolls.

Fitness equipment Balance Pod Fitness Moves
Amp up your routine with these fitness pod moves.

Shopping bag The O Shop Guide
Looking to purchase something from the December issue? Find it in our shop guide.

Carrot cake Start Your Own Food Business
Last year reader Lynda Flassig e-mailed us for a little advice on how to start her own carrot cake company. Here's the advice we gave her.

In the November 2009 Issue

O Magazine's Dream Big anthology Win O's Dream Big! Anthology
We've got 50 books to give away. Enter now!

The Life and Love of Trees More Photos from The Life & Love of Trees
13 photos from the stunning book by Lewis Blackwell.

In the October 2009 Issue

Ava Owens Get an O Makeover
If you'd like to be considered please apply here.

The O bracelelt Meet the O Bracelet Designers
The women behind this year's bracelet.

Michael SilverblattUp Close with The Bookworm  
Go behind the scenes at KCRW with Michael Silverblatt, and listen to interviews with Toni Morrison, T.C. Boyle, Norman Mailer and more.

Dominique Browning using a slow cooker
Dominique Browning's Favorite Slow-Cooker Recipes
Get the recipe for Indian Lamb and Spinach Curry and Tarragon Chicken.

In the September 2009 Issue

Dr Oz Treatments for Fibromyalgia
Because of the range of options about fibromyalgia's cause and therapy, a wise approach is two months of natural therapies including sleep, daily walking, and supplements that are naturally in our body, says Dr. Oz. You can try magnesium (400 mg), malic acid (1200 mg), and ribose (one teaspoon or 5gms three times daily); since the ribose is sweet without significant calories, use this in place of sugar to get your daily dose. If this approach is ineffective, a more stringent regimen with drug therapy or alternative approaches should be entertained.

Fall fashion blue blazer O's Fall Fashion File
Click through to see four bargain versions of these infinitely adaptable classic pieces.

Sale button
Shop These Sites and Save 
Even more deals on designer clothes.

Dr. Katz tangy soup recipe
Tangy Lentil and Chickpea Soup 
Dr. Katz's recipe for healthy soup.

In the August 2009 Issue

Woman falling Are You Addicted to Praise?
Martha Beck's quiz can help those addicted to accolades.

Supermarket fruit aisle Volunteer Food Organizations
Here's how to find a non-profit in your community. Plus, get the recipe for Just Food's pea shoot salad!

Laura Pensiero sandwich
This Month's Menu
Chef Laura Pensiero's Real Food Diet can be expanded into a blueprint for a lifetime of healthy eating. Try the exclusive seasonal recipe variations.

Beauty makeovers Experiment With a New Look!
Virtual makeovers  are completely reversible, free, and might inspire you to make the changes you're considering.

Vernetta Cockerham UPDATE: Vernetta Cockerham's Legal Battle Comes to a Close
In the fifth year of fighting for justice over her daughter's horrific murder and a life-threatening assault by her estranged husband—tragedies that could have been prevented if domestic violence laws had been enforced—Vernetta Cockerham's case ended with a financial settlement on June 30th, 2009. Read more about it.

In the July 2009 Issue

Car insurance How to Save a Bundle
12 more ways to save money this summer.

Slimming dresses More Dresses!
Nine more body-flattering options that make you look longer and leaner—no diet required.

Ubuntu restaurant flatbread
This Month's Menu
Can a restaurant famed for its exquisite vegetable dishes captivate even a devout carnivore? Try the exclusive recipes for flatbread, Chickpea Fries, and Cauliflower in a Cast-Iron Pot with Raw Cauliflower "Couscous" Garnish.

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