His is the voice in the swooning tune "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop," heard so often in AT&T and De Beers commercials ("I think that possibly, maybe, I'm falling for you...."). But for a complete introduction to singer-songwriter-actor Landon Pigg, you'll need to hear all 13 gorgeous tunes on his new album, The Boy Who Never (RCA). The Nashville native also gets lovestruck on the big screen in October, starring in Drew Barrymore's roller-derby comedy Whip It! opposite Juno's Ellen Page.

Only 26, Pigg is a gifted multitasker—he began shooting Whip It! before finishing his album. But burning the candle at both ends left no scorch marks on The Boy Who Never: Alongside "Coffee Shop," standout tracks include the piano-based "If I'm Saying Nothing" (which evokes vintage Paul McCartney) and "Blue Skies," which conjures upbeat pop out of a stormy relationship.

As his breakthrough song hints, Pigg used to spend a lot of time in coffee shops and cafés (visitors to Nashville should stop by Frothy Monkey or Fido, two of his favorites) back when the java was far hotter than his career. "I remember that lull in my life," he says. "That's why, no matter how many times people tell me they heard my song on TV, I appreciate it. I'm glad the song says something to anyone."

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