8. Nandita and Charu, the two main narrators of the book, are very different personalities. In the end, who do you think proves to be the stronger, more heroic person, Charu or Nandita?

9. The principal of Miss Timmins', Miss Shirley Nelson, puts her reputation in the school above the life of her daughter. What is it about their relationship that makes this believable?

10. The novel begins and ends on the same day, 12 years after the actual events take place. In the end of the prologue, Merch is planning to do something that night. What do you think he plans to do?

11. At the very end of the book, when Charu says, "It's all over now," what does she mean? In your opinion, what is Merch thinking of when he asks, "What is all over?" Do you think Charu is still thinking of the murder 12 years ago? Write one paragraph after the last line to continue the conversation between Merch and Charu that night.

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