The fantasy: Love's a river of bliss. The reality: Love is missteps, silences, and how-could-yous. The two of you will not always swing blissfully on the same vine. Contrary to popular opinion, this is okay…and we've got the latest research, and real-life stories, to prove it. Psychotherapist Mark Epstein starts things off with a fight and a major realization…

Couple arguing What's Wrong with Being Angry?
Mark Epstein learns why it's healthy to let off some steam.

Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza The 4-Alarm Wedding
Andrea King Collier finds peace after her unnerving day as a bride.

Ornament The Snail Whisperer
Catherine Newman stops trying to pry her husband out of his shell.

Adam Glassman What Happily Ever After Really Looks Like
Sheila Kohler achieves harmony despite conflicting backgrounds.

Rita Wilson and family Would You Marry Him Again?
Actress Rita Wilson learns a big fat Greek secret from her mother.


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