Every fat person knows the humiliation—that moment when a glance at your photo dashes any hope that no one has noticed your size. For me, the reckoning was not just an instance; it was a succession of shames. A year and a half ago, my desperation gave way to resolution as I decided finally to end my lifelong struggle with weight.
This summer, as I inch toward my goal weight, the questions I challenge myself with are what they've always been:
  • Will I give up a half-hour of sleep for a stint on the stair climber?
  • Will I stop complaining that there's no time to shop for my six meals a day and start making preparation a priority?
  • Have I decided I'll do whatever it takes to have the healthy body I say I want to build?
These daily attempts at courage—and not just the acquisition of a fitter figure—are what, I hope, have permanently changed me. And this time around, losing the weight has become about forgiving myself for failing time and time again—and simply rising up to start over, no matter how many times I do.

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