Martha Beck is the woman with the blueprint for a more joyful life. She has her Ph.D. from Harvard, is a mother of three, and works as a life coach. In her fourth book, the O columnist confronts her own spiritual hunger and crippling fear in an uncensored account of a chilling personal discovery.

Beck's "love affair with evidence" began when she left her Mormon community in Provo, Utah, to study sociology at Harvard. Returning with her Mormon husband and children, one with Down syndrome, she thought she was back in paradise. But doubts kept surfacing, along with spiritual hunger and crippling fear.

Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith (Crown) is Beck's uncensored account of her chilling discovery that her father—a famous apologist for the Mormon Church—molested her as a child, and of how confronting that holy terror, now in his 90s, helped her complete her arduous journey "out of religion and into faith."


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