With Ossie & Ruby: In This Life Together
By Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee

This book came out around the time of our tenth anniversary, and my husband and I both bought a copy. We love Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. They're so honest about their relationship; they don't fake it like so many other books about relationships—the "you can be in love forever" ones. Their story is about not only their courtship but also their lives as actors and their civil rights struggles. They're a role model couple. They've created a lasting relationship, achieved their career goals and goals for their community. They prove it's possible for others to do the same—and not just possible but a responsibility. Davis writes:

"Be not deceived,
The Struggle is far from over,
The best of being Black is yet to be—
So said the Ones who Died to set you free."

"The best is yet to be" means, to me, "We've set it here, but take it higher."


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