Julia Child dishes up a brain-watering list of books that stir and satisfy.
These days I don't get much of a chance to read as I'd like. I'm still very busy most of the time, and once I get into bed, after about two pages I'm sound asleep.

When I was younger I read much more serious works, including many of the great novels. I was also particularly interested in the Bloomsbury group, and I loved reading biographies of the individuals in that circle.

At this point I enjoy books that delve into a specific topic. I want to feel that the author is deeply, seriously, and passionately involved with whatever subject he or she has chosen. This is particularly true with cookbooks. I find I can identify with the author when she has done an enormous amount of research and is really committed.

For me, a book is a very comforting thing to have and to hold, especially when an author has spilled his guts out on the page. The following books will show you what I mean.


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