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Plum Role
As much as Hudson loves purple, she had to be persuaded to add the shade to her mostly black wardrobe. "My fiancé said, 'You're a girl; you need a favorite color!'" she says with a laugh. "Purple lets me wear color without being too bright." Here, teetering on top of upper-mezzanine seats, Hudson gamely conceals her fear. "If there's a place for me to [meet an untimely end]," she joked, "what better place than a theater?"

Dress, Marc Bouwer, $4,880. Earrings, Carolee. Bracelets (from left), Jarin K and Alexis Bittar.

Beauty Highlight
The secret to perfect finger waves—revealed!

"This is a very retro look, reminiscent of 1920s flapper style," says Hudson's hairstylist Cesar Ramirez.
  • To achieve it, he began by applying Mizani Foam Wrap Fast Drying Foam mousse to Hudson's wet hair, followed by a layer of extra-hold gel (try L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Clean Style Gel). "The Foam Wrap allows you to mold the hair, while the gel gives additional staying power."
  • Using his fingers and a fine-tooth comb, Ramirez formed and smoothed each ridge, clipping it into place. Next, he let Hudson's hair dry for a couple of hours while she had her makeup done.
  • Once her hair had set, Ramirez removed the clips and misted her entire head with shine spray (we like Pantene Pro-V Color Care CC Shine Spray) for an ultrabrilliant finish.

    "How do I take care of my voice? Plenty of rest, and I drink lots of warm water with lemon and honey." —Jennifer Hudson