Actress Jennifer Connelly's reading list is edgy, poetic, classical, political and Seuss-ical.
I've always read a lot. The headmaster of my school was intent on turning even the kids who were hell-bent on becoming mathematicians into poets. We had poetry workshops from first grade all the way through to our 12th-grade graduation. I had great teachers, and I think that environment helped me develop an appreciation of sound and language. I especially love that when you read books written decades or centuries ago, you catch a glimpse of the way people once lived, thought and felt.

A lot of the books I chose here I am in awe of—they're a bit impenetrable for a casual reader. I don't have the time anymore to sit down with reference books when I pick up something like James Joyce's Ulysses . It's a matter of biology—as a working mother I sometimes can't do what I set out to do. I find myself drooling over books at 10 at night, having passed out from exhaustion. But even the bit that I've gleaned from these works I've found to be magnificent.

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