Ten years ago, before Stacey Abrams was a household name and a hero to many, she was an attorney who geeked out on tax law and wrote romance novels on the side. She'd also written a novel about a Supreme Court Justice who is quietly amassing evidence about a conspiracy to essentially undermine democracy. When he's found in a coma, it's up to his brilliant law clerk, Avery Keene, to pick up where he left off and save the day. That political thriller was rejected by publishers on two separate occasions.

Over a decade later, While Justice Sleeps finally made its way to bookstores across the country, on May 10. Since penning it, Abrams has served 11 years in the Georgia House of Representatives—including seven as its minority leader—and ran for governor of her home state in 2018. She's also gone on to become a patron saint of voting rights, credited as a key player in swinging Georgia to the Democratic side in the 2020 election, and helping land President Biden in the White House.

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