Fade out on Drew, the sound of his voice snapping with static as he talks over a cell phone. He's well aware of the doubts of some of his colleagues. Nothing he can do about that now—he prefers to see the possibility of a silver lining. In fact, he can't stop himself—despite his more cautious judgment—from thinking how worth it the show will be if only it illuminates for the general population just how difficult and complex the process of recovery always is, no matter who you are. Maybe none of the Celebrity Rehab participants will remain sober, but Drew considers them all still his patients, and he firmly believes that those, like Jeff Conaway, who didn't get straight on this round will come back for more treatment. "I don't know whether you are going to look at this show as a foolish or courageous thing," he says. "However it gets perceived, I thought it was courageous."

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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