I've begun to understand that the real reason a woman takes her private art to the public stage is the getting of wisdom. At a certain point, it dawns on you that you know a lot. And it comes to you that things that used to be hard for you have become easier. This ease provokes two reactions: One is simple astonishment that you've gotten this far and that your hard work has paid off, but the other is a secret longing for the days when things were more of a challenge. Luckily, just when Denise Pelley, Victoria Roberts, and I were ready for that challenge, the Femme Fatale team of Fagan and Gauthier came along.

Any woman, at any stage of her life, can stop to examine her own history, experience, and personal power and marvel at what she's learned. Whether you're a steady, rehearse-as-much-as-you-can type or you'd much rather wing it, from the moment the sun rises on your disheveled bed you step into the spotlight of your existence. That's the place where, even if you don't know your lines, you're going to have to perform. My definition of performance? Knowing you have to do your best, not only because people out there are expecting it but because you've learned that you really have your best to give. Every day you live out your own one-woman show.


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