Dear Val:
Is there a way to wear eye makeup that looks great under glasses?
Sure there is. But don't have a shortsighted approach, piling on the makeup to compensate for the fact that your eyes are taking a backseat to your specs. Instead, choose your makeup according to what kind of glasses you wear, says Jillian Dempsey, global creative color director for Avon. Especially if you wear thick frames (or colorful ones), you don't want to overdo it. Line your upper and lower lids with a soft black eyeliner, curl your lashes, and apply a volumizing mascara, says Dempsey. Stick to a neutral palette—apricot or sand—if you must wear shadow. You can play up your eyes a bit more if your glasses are unframed. Try a metallic bronze shadow (which you can apply sheer or layered for more intensity), and follow that with a dark liner (smudge it slightly to add depth). Curl your lashes and give them a couple of coats of a volumizing mascara.

Bottom line: Contrary to what you might think, under eyeglasses, less makeup is more. So keep it simple.


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