Take Me Out to the Ballgame

At every sporting event, concert, or any type of activity that is held in a venue, I'd like to see those attending bring nonperishable foods to be handed out at local shelters later. For example, the Bristol Race is held in my area, and over 160,000 people attend this race twice a year. If each person brought one can of food, we'd have 320,000 cans of food for shelters in the Tri-Cities. Wow! I think this would be an awesome thing to see and plan to try it this year.

— Amy Quillen, 37
Hiltons, Virginia

Transform a Life

In 2005, my husband, my three children, and I sold everything we owned and moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to open an aftercare shelter for young Cambodian and Vietnamese girls rescued from the sex-slave trade. We had become aware of the issue and wanted to do something substantial. Once there, we realized 15- to 20-year-old girls needed a place to transition into independent productive living. We started the Transitional Living Center to offer them housing, life skills training, healthcare and dentalcare, and viable job training in everything from IT to tailoring. Back in America, we started a new organization to continue this work.

— Athena Pond, 36
Hillsboro, Oregon 

A Note from Eve:
In April, we will celebrate V-Day's 10th anniversary—a decade of ending violence against women. It will be a megaevent, and many who have written in "A Million Ways to Save the World" will be there; Oprah herself will be onstage. I urge you to come and join us. It is you who holds the power, the energy, the will to shift the current paradigm. And when you find your voice, your courage, your boldness, it will be you who saves the world.

V-Day's "V to the Tenth." New Orleans, Superlove/Superdome. April 11 and 12 (go to for details). See you there.


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