Check On a Child

When you see a child under 18 walking somewhere without an adult, remember you are the adult. Stop and ask if he or she needs help. This way, perhaps we can save just one child that is about to be taken advantage of. Maybe she is okay and doesn't need help and has a wonderful family. But just maybe she needs a kind stranger to offer a helping hand and a way out.

— Theresa Floresa, 42
Columbus, Ohio

Run for Office

As the former (now retired) mayor of a small city in Texas, I found I couldn't change the world by ending disease, hunger, or wars, but I affected people's lives directly. Now, I encourage women to run for political office—and vote in elections—in their hometowns. Small city officials see to it that clean water flows to homes and sewage flows away, that garbage is picked up efficiently, and that people will get prompt and efficient response from police, EMS, and firefighters. When more women get into politics—at any level—they'll also offer new viewpoints about how to change their towns, and ultimately, the world.

— Marcy Meffert, 73
Leon Valley, Texas

Make Giving Automatic

Set aside 10 percent of your income each month and give it away. I've started a "giving file" where I collect articles and information about organizations that have inspired me so I always know what to do with the money I've saved.

— Lisa Welch, 34
Arvada, Colorado


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