Building self-esteem We're letting the hot air out of the self-esteem balloon—and finding a more stable basis for carrying yourself through the world.

Master Your Universe
Aimee Lee Ball reports the groundbreaking research proving that self-esteem can be learned, taught, developed, and best of all, spread around like crazy. Plus, get three exercises to feel better about yourself  (no affirmations required!)

The Self Esteem Repair Kit
She spent years looking for validation in all the wrong places—until the day she discovered it was hers to give all along.

How to Love That Woman in the Mirror
Nancy Etcoff, PhD, author of Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty, and a Harvard Medical School Psychologist whose research concentrates on appearance and happiness tells us what she’s learned.

Great Moments in Self-Esteem
Seven writers share their "Hey, I'm Okay!" moments:

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