For cost-conscious readers who want to trade, borrow, or buy, these sites are the best things to come along since the public library.
Book swapThe Swap Meet
Post books you'd like to exchange on, and whenever one of 100,000-plus "moochers" requests one, you'll earn a point for mailing it. Redeem each point for any of the 300,000-plus titles in the BookMooch inventory—all you pay for is the postage.

Postage stampThe Postal Service
Trade hardcovers and audiobooks as well as softcovers at, and get updates on newly available titles via their daily e-mail digest. Stroke of genius: the online postage program, which allows you to print the postage on a mailing label directly from your computer.

Book in waterThe Deep End lets you organize a "pool" of titles you'd like to rent (just like a Netflix queue); for $24 to $60 per month, you'll receive three to eleven at a time. Shipping is included in the subscription fee, and you can purchase any BookSwim rental at the click of a button.

ReadingThe Good Read
With more than two million titles at bargain prices, donates a portion of revenues to literacy causes such as Books for Africa and Worldfund. Shipping is free within the U.S., and the site minimizes its carbon footprint through an offset program with



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