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Disney Memorabilia
"I sold a Disneyland T-shirt that I got at a thrift store for 50 cents for $12," says Jim Griffith, eBay's dean of education and author of The Official eBay Bible. "It was rare because it was Halloween-themed." But even more-recent, less-unusual items—a pair of Princess Jasmine sheets that haven't left the linen closet in 10 years, for example—are snapped up by fans. And, if you're still hanging on to a bunch of old VHS tapes, or if you've abandoned DVDs in favor of Netflix, now is the time to sell. Disney released a series of its movies in four special editions between 1984 and 2009: Walt Disney Classics (1984 to 1994), Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (1994 to 1999), Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection (2000 to 2001) and Walt Disney Platinum Editions (2001 to 2009). Check to see if your case is labeled as one of those four editions. If it is, each tape or DVD is worth between $5 and $50.