They split a bottle of wine with their husband—50/50.

Women usually feel intoxicated more quickly than men. And that's not because they're smaller or slimmer or less tough or less "experienced" with drinking. Men's bodies have a higher percentage of liquid than women's bodies, Nowinski says, so there's more fluid in which to dilute the alcohol. On the other hand, women's bodies naturally have a higher percentage of fat, which absorbs the alcohol but doesn't dilute it or help process it. On top of all of that, women have lower levels of two key enzymes that break down alcohol in the stomach and liver. So when you drink the same amount as a guy, you absorb more alcohol into your bloodstream and it stays in your system longer, exposing your brain and other organs to alcohol's toxic byproducts, and putting you at higher risk for liver disease, heart damage and brain damage.

They try to cure the hangover before it's begun.

Why wait until the headache? That's the logic behind your before-bed acetaminophen habit. But acetaminophen and alcohol just don't mix: Studies have shown that combining the two, even at low levels, can increase your risk of kidney disease (here's more info about how this works). For a better hangover-insurance plan, try one of these strategies.

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