Car organizer
Ah, the messy days of youth. Do you remember your first car? Things went in and never came out. It was your home on wheels, a place where you ate meals, fixed your hair, and transported loud, fun, messy groups of people. Or was that only yesterday?

This month's project is to take two hours to turn your mobile snack bar-playroom-office into a lean, mean traveling machine!

Divide and Conquer.
Stock your car's built-in compartments.
  • Glove compartment: insurance, registration and inspection info (make sure they're current), owner's manual, accident forms, emergency phone numbers, cell phone charger.
  • Door pockets: maps (see that they're in one piece) and a small flashlight on the driver's side; tissues, paper towels and trash bags on the passenger's side. Ash/coin tray: change for tolls (but get rid of those pennies).

Contain Yourself.
  • Get a neat leather or plastic case for CDs and audiobooks. (Toss the ancient Eagles cassette with the twisted tape.)
  • If your car is your second office, invest in a portable file box or mini lap desk designed for use on the passenger seat. It will prevent your papers from flying around as you drive, and will speed access to the information you need. Keep an envelope for business-related receipts in the driver's-side door pocket, and empty it every Friday.
  • For travel with kids, try these quick fixes: a shoe bag hung behind the front seat for snacks and water bottles; a container stashed under the front passenger seat for car games and activities; a bin on the floor for all the shoes, jackets and sweaters kids peel off while traveling (this will spare you the crazy search when you stop).
  • Have a trash bag for every row of seats, and toss it at every rest stop.

Leave No Wrapper Behind.
Clean and restock your car at the end of each trip. No matter how tired you are, resist the temptation to let that empty muffin bag wait until mañana. Tomorrow turns into next week, next month...until one evening, after a black-tie fund-raiser, your neighbor asks for a lift home, and you comply—but first ask her to wait outside while you "just clean up a bit."

Get Your Trunk Ready to Roll.
Use these space-saving ideas to make sure your trunk is travel ready!

Carry an Accident Form.
God forbid you should be in an accident. But if you are, things will be a lot easier if you're prepared.

Print this handy check-list and keep it in your car just in case.
Trunk Organizer
What's it going to take to make you "trunk worthy"? With these ideas and a little elbow grease, you'll be on your way to a trunk you and your family can be proud of!

Use plastic tubs to create essential kits that live in your car year-round:
  • Emergency road supplies: jumper cables, flare, large flashlight, antifreeze, oil and funnel, first aid kit.
  • Snow/ice/rain equipment: ice scraper, gloves, rock salt or cat litter, spare set of windshield wipers, umbrellas.
  • Errand gear: collapsible crate to hold grocery bags upright; roof rack and spring-cord cables. While you're at it, make sure your spare tire is in good shape and you know how to operate the jack.

Car Transformations
With great organizing ideas like these, why would anyone need to have a messy trunk or backseat?

Use these ideas to makeover your car!


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