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Photo: Sioux Nesi

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Denise Warren, 57
Founder, CHOSEN

Her Rescue Mission
After noticing the number of obese children in her neighborhood in Queens, New York, Denise was inspired to start CHOSEN (Childhood Obesity Shall End Now), which offers free exercise classes and wellness education for kids. (She also runs a fitness class called Body by Denise for adults.) Denise is so committed to getting others in shape that she hasn't had a vacation in seven years. "I get my satisfaction from seeing results, like the 12-year-old who was 270 pounds and is now down to 140," she says. "There's nothing as gratifying as that."

Denise (left, teaching an all-ages group fitness class in Queens) says exercise is only part of her mission. "It's also important to educate kids about nutrition and health and help them make better food choices."