susie coston

Photo: Sioux Nesi

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Susie Coston, 50
National Shelter Director, Farm Sanctuary

Her Rescue Mission
For 14 years, Susie has been rehabilitating neglected and abused farm animals—including cows, pigs and chickens—in New York and California through her work with Farm Sanctuary. "These types of animals aren't as well protected as cats and dogs, and all the ones we rescue have been abused," says Susie, who doesn't mind her 13- to 16-hour days. "When you take animals that are in terrible shape and see them become happy and part of a herd—that's the most fulfilling thing."

"Taking any animal away from a terrifying situation allows its personality to come out," says Susie, shown here with turkeys at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. "I want people to see animals as I see them—as sentient beings who feel emotions."