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Her New Look
The Clothes: Since giving birth to her second child last year, Jessamyn has gravitated toward comfy dresses that don't hug her middle. "I'm wearing looser styles until I get my body back," she says. Sporty and feminine, this Pamella Roland dress emphasizes Jessamyn's toned arms, while the flared skirt draws attention to her slim legs. Dark metallic jewelry keeps the vibe more edgy than girly.

The Hair and Makeip: Painting on caramel highlights brightened the area around Jessamyn's face and camouflaged her grays. Patrick applied a volumizing spray and a styling glaze to Jessamyn's wet hair before blow-drying it and curling it with an iron. Afterward, he combed through the ringlets, leaving only a hint of wave. Sarah used a bronze shadow to play up Jessamyn's hazel eyes; a metallic berry gloss amplified her natural lip color and emphasized the rosiness of her cheeks.

Her Reaction: "Today is definitely a switch from the kitchen," she says. "I'm not used to people lavishing time on me. But it's validating to see images of myself looking gorgeous!"

Dress, Pamella Roland. Necklace, Miriam Haskell. Left: Black bangle, M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza. Lucite bracelet, Alexis Bittar. Ring, Tuleste. Right: Black bangle and black bracelet, M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza. White gold cuff, Kara Ross. Shoes, Chloe Gosselin.