Peacekeeper Lip Balm for Super Moist and Kissable Lips

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One-Stop Shop:
More than 16,000 eco- and socially conscious goods are available (some from as low as $2) on Shop by gift category, or, if you'd like, "purchase impact," be it eco- , animal-, or people-friendly. Each product is vetted and comes with a short description so you can see exactly where your money is going. Fair-trade lip balms, organic soaps and craft supplies are all under $15 and make excellent stocking stuffers.
Pangea Organics bar soap


Not Just a Pretty Package:
Pangea Organics' gift packages come stocked with bar soaps, shower gels, and lotions and arrive in a stylish (really, skip the wrapping paper!) recycled box inlaid with spruce seeds—soak them, plant—and in two weeks a baby Spruce tree will appear, along with, we assume, softer skin. Gift sets start at $16 at
Cambodian silk scarves


Buy a Gift, Fund a Business:,
At online boutique Nest,, the $60 you spend on floral Guatemalan tote will go toward...creating more Guatemalan totes! The site sells original apparel, jewelry, home and paper goods made by more than 100 exclusive artists and designers and gives microcredit loans to women in developing countries, enabling them to start and maintain a business selling their own products—which are then offered on the site itself.

Another likeminded organization,, sells handwoven bracelets made by native tribes in Argentina and handcrafted beaded bangles made women in Tanzania (above). Global Goods Partners is dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice and funds women-led market initiatives in local communities in 24 countries.
Hooray for the Underdog holiday card

Photo: Hooray for the Underdog

For Pets:
Already have the perfect present for Fido? Attach a card from, a line by photographers Janet Healey and Joe Grisham—a husband-and-wife team who sell stylish greeting cards featuring pictures of dogs and cats up for adoption in shelters. Ten percent of proceeds ($3.50 for cards; $17.50 for boxsets) go to animal welfare groups and shelters.
Save a seal at

Photo: IFAW/S. Cook

For Animal Lovers:
The animal lovers in your life may have already overdosed on cute cards (and books and toys and screensavers), but they might not have saved their very own elephant. The International Fund for Animal Welfare's Gifts for Animals ( program helps protect pachyderms, as well as bear cubs and seals, and also provides funds for urgent pet care and animal rescue. Each gift comes with a full-color pamphlet telling your animal's story, and there's no leash required. Donations start at $25.
Jimmy Belasco candles

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Guilt-Free Indulgence: Jimmy Belasco candles
Celebrate the season of light with Jimmy Belasco's all-natural candles ($29; Jimmy They're made of soybeans, vegetable oil and fragrance—nothing else—but the best part of this fragrant treat are the wrapping options. Choose from a wide selection of boxes decorated with rescue animals, pop art patterns, holiday themes and artwork from various young artists. Five dollars from the sale of each candle goes to a good cause: You select one from a list of Jimmy's staffers' 11 favorites (with more options on the way).

Lush charity pot

Photo: Lush Cosmetics

For the Beauty Fanatic: Lush Charity Pot
Lush's hand and body lotion is made with fair-trade cocoa-butter, and proceeds—100 percent after taxes—go to the organization featured on the lid of each pot. WaterCan, TreePeople, Amazon Conservation Team and International Fund for Animal Welfare are only a few available at .
CharityNavigator good cards


Buying in Bulk?
Good Cards ( are the gift certificates of the philanthropy world. You set the price; recipients pick the charity. Perfect for those bosses, co-workers and clients you're stumped on.
Oxfam America's gift of a dozen chicks

Photo: Oxfam America

Last Minute:,
Click, click, done. Two organizations simplify making a difference around the world. Oxfam's gift site,, offers more than 60 charitable donations, including a pair of sheep ($90) that allow women to generate their own income by making textiles, a small-business fund to help get entrepreneurs started ($100), and a veterinarian's field kit ($35). Products are organized by price, with a 37 options under $50, and recipients receive a card explaining what the donation will provide. coordinates donations to more than 200 aid organizations, including East Meets West, Helen Keller International, and more.
Nintendo Wii from

Photo: Courtesy Nintendo

For Those Big-Ticket Items:;
You know those auctions your kids always have in elementary school or the ones your office frequently puts together, where you bid for signed memorabilia, electronic items and original prints? Think of as one giant elementary school auction: Type in the item you're looking for (we got 13 hits for the Nintendo Wii) and bid to win. Check the "Editors' Picks" section for really original ideas: A 2010 Super Bowl tickets package, a year's supply of ice cream, and a $1,000 Bloomingdale's Shopping Spree. Each purchase benefits the auctioneer's charity of choice. Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try to find auctions from high-profile groups.

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