Follow Up with Cynthia and Sandy
At the onset of the program, Cynthia and Sandy kept in touch about two to three times per week. Although they are not in contact as frequently, they still email occasionally and have both discovered a new friend. "If nothing else," says Cynthia, "I have made a good friend. She gives me great advice. She has young kids, too, and understands where I am coming from. She has been a wonderful buddy."

Good Advice
The mother of three children, all under age 7, Cynthia's greatest challenge has been putting order into her life. "I still eat standing up. There's no such thing as a sit-down meal for my husband and I. Now I take advantage of when the kids are at school. Lunchtime is my sit-down meal. This allows me to focus and relax."

"I think the best advice I gave Cynthia was to try to remember to set aside some time each day just for her," says Sandy.

"I am trying to be very conscious of my habits and, in the mean time, learning a lot about myself. I've realized that I have to find time for 'me' in order to stay healthy. I'm learning to steal those extra moments alone," says Cynthia.

The Results
Although Cynthia put some of the weight back on during the holidays, she lost about 12 pounds and is still working hard to meet her goals. She's walking about three times a week, as well as making small life changes, like parking further from her destination, and taking stairs instead of the elevator. She's come a long way in recognizing what she needs to be successful. "The greatest thing for me during this journey has been a greater self-awareness," says Cynthia.


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