Rosie O'Donnell

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I cringed...
when I heard the title The (Dead Mothers) Club, a documentary airing May 12 on HBO, but there really is an unspoken bond between club members. Women of all ages—including Jane Fonda, Molly Shannon, and an extremely touching Rosie O'Donnell—open up in this look at how losing your mother as a kid shapes your life as an adult. "Everything went from being in color to being in black-and-white," says Rosie about her mother's death. I was 40 when my mom died suddenly in 1994, but I still felt like an orphan. So here's a little motherly advice: If you've still got a mom, give her a call.
Packable Puddletons

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When you're lucky...
April showers bring May flowers, but when you're not, they just bring more showers. These foldable rain boots leave a girl prepared for whatever spring throws at her, and $40 is a small price to pay for saving good shoes. Just tuck them into your bag and make a splash. (Puddletons Packable Rain Boots, $40; available in May,
David Oyelowo and his wife Jessica

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"Your love is the fuel my life runs on."
That's what David Oyelowo said to thank his wife a couple of months ago when he accepted an NAACP Image Award for outstanding supporting actor for his work in Lee Daniels' The Butler. And I have to say that I love a man who wants everyone to know how much he loves his wife. (Hi, Jessica!)
Coconut French Toast

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I've got three words for you:
coconut French toast! Oprah's chef Sonny makes this dish, and it's always a crowd-pleaser. It's also a delicious alternative to a traditional Mother's Day pancake breakfast in bed. Just point your loved ones to the recipe and go back to sleep until somebody hands you a bottle of syrup.

Get the recipe: Coconut French Toast
Typo keyboard

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It's an age-old dilemma:
iPhone versus BlackBerry. I love the iPhone but keep my BlackBerry because it makes typing much easier. Well, problem solved thanks to...Ryan Seacrest? Yes, he and his buddies were also sick of carrying two devices, so they came up with the Typo Keyboard, which adds less than three-quarters of an inch to the iPhone while making typing mistake free. I saw him use it and decided Ryan Seacrest is the true American idol! ($99;