1. What's the quickest legal route to joy?

2. What makes you still?
Listening to good music.

3. What's the hardest truth to tell?
Ending a relationship.

4. What's left on your "To Do" list?
Interview Prince William and his new bride, and see the Egyptian pyramids.

5. What do you ask yourself most often?
"Why can't I be more organized?"

6. What's one thing that's always overrated?
Trendy fashion styles. (Classic is always better.)

7. When/how did you last surprise yourself?
When I found myself genuinely enjoying Justin Bieber; I'd assumed he wasn't my demographic, but I think he—and his music—are terrific.

8. What's the most daring thing you've done?
Getting hoisted 40 feet into the air for the "Wing and a Prayer" self-improvement exercise at Miraval Spa in Arizona.

9. ...and the most daring thing you wish you'd done?
Spend a ridonkulous amount of money on a pair of shoes that I passed on.

10. How do you stay calm in a tense situation?
By focusing on the solution—I believe most situations have them.


As the editor-at-large of O, The Oprah Magazine, Gayle King has been helping to guide the editorial and creative vision of the magazine since its inception in 1999. She is also the host of The Gayle King Show, a national radio talk show launched in 2006 on XM Radio that airs live on-air Monday through Friday on OWN. King is a three-time Emmy® Award-winning newscaster who anchored the local news at a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut for 18 years. In 2008, she won the American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Award® for Outstanding Radio Talk Show and in 2010 the Individual Achievement Award for Host - Entertainment/Information. She is also a 2010 New York Women in Communications' Matrix Award recipient.

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