Follow Up with Amy and Becky
"This program was a Godsend! I don't think I would have taken such steps to better myself if not for all of you working on this project. But like most everything, I had to do some work! I'm a great joiner. I join aerobics classes, health clubs, etc. The joining makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. But, like it or not, it was now my turn to work on myself," says Amy.

Amy says that she had the "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist" mentality. "If I didn't think about all of things I needed to change, if I didn't look in the mirror, if I didn't look inward, I didn't have to see it and...didn't have to deal with it! I think ostriches do that, don't they? This program was the wake-up call I needed to get me to look at all of those things I didn't want to look at."

Good Advice
Becky helped Amy take a no-nonsense approach to losing weight. Becky shared her struggles and successes, and taught Amy to value herself. "It was such a delight to share my ups and downs with her, knowing there wouldn't be any judgment and there wouldn't be any disappointments: just encouragement to either jump up and down for meeting my goals or a dose of encouragement to continue even though I may have had a setback. Becky was a great person to lay it all on! I quickly found that I stayed on track. I was accountable to her but, more importantly, to myself," says Amy.

The Results
"My self-esteem has soared. I have renewed confidence. I take more challenges...I have a new job...I am setting off on new territory, which most certainly would have prevented me from taking the first step. I'm meeting more people and am truly enjoying expanding my comfort zone. I have decided to run another marathon with my dad and my sister for the Leukemia Society. I know I can make a difference in other's lives and better my own in the process," says Amy.


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