Mentee: Amy J. Bearce
Lives in Peoria, IL
Would like to lose 40 pounds

"I've been to hell and back on every diet imaginable, especially those that promise 'quick' results. With each, I've promised myself that this is the one that will change my life. Because of each failure, I find myself in a quagmire of low-to-non-existent self-esteem and self-respect that only add to the thoughts that I don't deserve happiness. This self-loathing, plus my desire to be comforted by food, is what contributes to my weight gain. My goal is to lose 40 pounds and to put an end to the yo-yo diets and exercise programs that blanket my past."

Mentor: Becky Harding
Lives in Salt Lake City, UT
Has kept off 40 pounds for more than 16 years

"My life has changed so dramatically since I lost my weight (40 pounds). I've been able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an actress and a model. I love this opportunity to help someone else follow their dreams. One of the biggest 'blessings' of having lost the weight initially, is that each time when I start to gain some back (like right now there's 15 pounds I'd like to loseā€”and it has happened other times during my last 16-17 years) I just tell myself that I know I can lose it. Since I've lost weight before, I know it's not impossible or hopeless. So I've always been able to lose it again before it's gotten out of control.

"Also, I was told once that only about 5% of people that have had a big weight loss ever keep it off. So that makes me feel really good about my accomplishment. But rather than feeling complacent, it also keeps me on guard to know that I don't want to join the other 95%. I need to maintain my good habits and not fall into any of the traps that I'm warning Amy about."

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