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Dylan Lauren
Proprietor of Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan

What makes your job fun?
The store is like the epitome of my personality, and I've always collected artistic candy packaging. Everything is very colorful, very happy. I made a table out of gumballs, and mosaics out of candy. We have a huge ten-foot-tall chocolate bunny that's our mascot. And candy makes you feel good. The store is like one big party. Some of the most conservative-looking people secretly love gummy bears or have a stash of licorice.

What are the drawbacks?
The fact that we don't have shelf space to carry everything people want. And there's definitely pressure: because I put my heart and soul into the store, I want people to love it.

Who influenced your sense of fun?
My father [Ralph Lauren], definitely, because he does what his passion is. And Janet Jackson—she's amazing.