By Pete Cerqua


Pete Cerqua is a personal trainer in the New York City area, where he owns four gyms.

The Appeal

Don't have time for a long workout? Cerqua's plans range from three to 12 minutes; his premise is that holding a position, or slowing a rep so it takes 90 seconds, intensifies the challenge.

Standout Section

Cerqua provides a synopsis for the text-heavy chapters so you can get the main points in a snap.

Eye Opener

Unlike many trainers, Cerqua includes quick and easy recipes for healthy eating, such as spicy shrimp tacos and avocado soup.


Cerqua stresses tracking your fitness progress in writing. If you don't have time for the gym, do you have time for the paperwork?

Fitness Plan

There are four workout plans ranging from beginner to superstar, and only the most advanced requires gym equipment.


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