Storm Trouper
Neither rain nor sleet nor gale-force blusters will cause the cleverly vented Windbrella to whip inside out, come loose from its moorings, or carry you off like Mary Poppins.
Twister 10,000-hour bulb

External Light
Better to screw in one Twister 10,000-hour bulb than curse the darkness in that hard-to-reach spot or fret over your mounting electric bills (fluorescents use way less juice).

Friendly Reminders
Post-its. Such an obvious choice for excellence, they almost didn't make the cut—but who knew they now come in 40 unignorable colors, and sizes ranging from postage stamp to poster.
Minolta DimAGE Xt

Hot Shot
The Minolta DimAGE Xt weighs about four ounces, fits in a pocket, works as a Webcam, and even (if you get the Marine Case) shoots underwater. How cool is that?
The Ragdoll

Top Cat
Voluptuously furry (with very little shedding) and loving to the point of codependency, the Ragdoll, a relatively recent breed, doesn't have a mean (or seemingly any) bone in its body.
Donna Karan's Nudes

Good Nudes
For a convincingly bare-legged look without baring any imperfections, The Nudes—Donna Karan's virtually invisible stockings—are like an instant coat of leg makeup.
Hermès Birkin bag

The Forever Bag
It's not about status. The Hermès Birkin bag is so beautifully finished, inside and out, and of such fine leather, you'll have it forever, and so will your granddaughter.

Clean Fetish
For those of us who want dust gone, not just redistributed, the Swiffer—in all its manifestations—has achieved cult status. Don't get us started.
The Synonym Finder and The Elements of Style

Word Perfect
It may be on the tip of your tongue, but with The Synonym Finder, it's at the tip of your fingers—bingo! And for stringing words together, there's no wiser guide than The Elements of Style.

Sugar Hit
The delicate crunch, the tiny, pristine, burst of sweetness—even when you toss them down by the handful, it doesn't feel like gorging. M&M's: Think of them as nonprescription happy pills.
Parrot tulip

The streaks, the ruffles, the over-the-top gorgeousness—parrot tulips would be the divas of the garden if they weren't so easy to grow. And in a vase, they practically arrange themselves.
Iron and Grill

Ironing, Unplugged
You may have perfected your waltz with the iron cord, but the Maytag Cordless Iron keeps the heat on without any entangling alliances. So much easier!

You Go, Grill

No bigger than a breadbox, the George Foreman indoor grill cooks whole meals in minutes, drains off fat, cleans up in seconds, and now comes in this snazzy Michael Graves—designed version.
Revlon Moon Drops Lip Conditioner

A big moisturized kiss to Revlon Moon Drops Lip Conditioner, a beauty classic that's been keeping lips soft, smooth, and sun-protected (with no sticky fingers and no major cash outlay) since 1989.
The Slumber Core pillow

Cloud Nine
Not too limp, not too hard, never needs punching into shape. The Slumber Core pillow from Pacific Coast Feather is an excellent recipe for a good night's sleep.
Well-dressed and traveled

The state of the art in wheeled luggage, the new Tumi T3 Wheel-a-Way is light, sturdy, well balanced, and a breeze to pull around.

No Jacket Required

There are white shirts and then there are Anne Fontaine white shirts, impeccably tailored marvels that send you out feeling crisp and confident.
Kitchen Tools

Cutting Edge
Nicely weighted. Supersharp blade. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, the Henckels eight-inch chef's knife is the one that lets you get rid of that drawerful of cut fingers waiting to happen.

Chore Busters

The grater grates in both directions and catches the results in a measuring container. The peeler has a soft grip and take-no-prisoners blade. OXO tools: always an extra soupcon of genius.  
Eres bathing suits

Tanks for the Compliments
Amazing colors, artfully cut, in revolutionary stretchy fabric that keeps its shape and flatters yours: Eres bathing suits are a revelation.
Rolex and Timex Watches

Great Time
Want to spend $3,000 or so? Treat yourself to a Rolex. Want to spend $30 or so? Treat yourself to a Timex. Either way, you're getting a classic and an icon of reliability.