Drop Five Pounds

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How to Drop Five Pounds Fast
by Greta Blackburn, founder of FitCamp fitness retreats

I've developed a two-part program that guarantees I'll lose four to six pounds over two weeks. The diet is 90 percent of it. During the first week, I go vegan—for breakfast I'll blend cashews, bananas, tahini, dates, and water into a yummy smoothie. For lunch I have a big organic salad with tofu. (Portions don't matter.) Dinner could be another salad or, if I'm feeling studly, a veggie soup of avocado, tomatoes, zucchini, etc. During week two I go raw, so no more tofu. I eat lots of nuts—a handful of raw cashews three times a day to stave off hunger and keep energy high. The odd organic Medjool date with a dab of raw tahini is my treat.

As for exercise, I do my "figure eight" routine at least three times a week. The 20-minute workout consists of eight high-intensity, 30-second "bursts" on a stationary bike—though you can use any machine, or even walk. Between are 90-second "rests," during which I pedal slowly. I do the bursts as fast and hard as I can, so I'm out of breath and very uncomfortable by the end of the 30 seconds. The program detoxes me on every level. I get very clear about what's extraneous in my life. And I shrink a dress size.