Gayle: Tell me about your final day in the governor's mansion.

Dina: Well, there was no goodbye. Jim just pretended it was an ordinary morning. He just walked out like, "Okay, I'll talk to you later."

Gayle: On Oprah's show, after his book came out, he talked about what a great woman you are, and how you prayed together before the press conference.

Dina: Oh, please! That never happened. We never prayed together.

Gayle: Did you watch the show that day?

Dina: Yes. I went home and watched it alone. And if I'd heard him use the word God or godly one more time, I would have thrown something at the TV!

What will you one day tell [your daughter] about her father?

Dina: I haven't said anything negative, and I won't. He's her father. At some point, she'll learn what happened.

Gayle: I wouldn't think you'd want her to hear it on the street. What did you tell her when you separated?

Dina: I said, "Mommy and Daddy don't want to live together anymore, but we both love you very much."

Gayle: Are you dating?

Dina: How did I know that question was coming? It's difficult for me to trust anyone. And you can't have a relationship if you're unable to trust.

Gayle: What else was difficult? I'm picturing you going back to work the first day...

Dina: I was ashamed. I couldn't believe that I'd allowed this to happen to me. I mean, yes, I was certainly misled. But at the same time it was hard not to think, "How could I not have known?"

Gayle: Do you think you're a naïve person?

Dina: No.

Gayle: But looking back, could there have been signs that you missed? You don't think that about yourself?

Dina: No. Well, in hindsight, when you put it all together, it looks different. But when it's happening one thing at a time, nothing in particular raises a red flag.

Gayle: At what point did you know you'd be all right?

Dina: When God allowed me to wake up the next morning and function. I knew my daughter needed me to get through it—for her sake, and for mine.

Gayle: And why did you write your book?

Dina: Because I was tired of having others tell my story badly. Most people have no clue who I am or what my marriage was like. I am the only person who can speak for me. This book is for anyone who has hit rock bottom. My hope is that people who read it will believe they can crawl out of the hole and survive.


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