Well, the world I would like to exist in—I would like to have an implant in my eye so I can zoom around and I can see night vision. I would love that. Number two is, I would like to develop some really beautiful jewelry that's intelligent. So it's not just decorative but it also has a microchip in it. I love technology my feeling is, is that when I'm 60 or 70, I don't care if half my body's replaced with plastic parts, because I think that that's the way as human beings that we're destined to move. And I think also the challenge and the idea of evolution and progress is phenomenal that we can do that. And the whole movement of the kind of anti-nature movement is absurd in a way because we are nature and we are creating our destiny, right?

If I have a choice, I would like to live in a smart space where light moves with me, heat moves with me, and there's this—there's this technology called radiant heat where they project onto your body a sensor so when you walk around a freezing cold space, you stay warm all the time. It's the most efficient form of heat possible. I want to live in a world that we are capable now of creating. I don't want to live in a world that someone created for me from the past.

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