All I wanted was to write and to be good at it.

Writers talking about writing. There are hundreds of those books, and they are all really interesting to me. Maybe because I never got an MFA, or because I have a few really good friends but not that many. Or maybe when I was a little kid and had no friends I used to go to the library all the time. So when I'm lost I go find a book.

When I buy these books, people say, "Oh, are you an aspiring writer?" And I say, "Yes, I am." I want to be a writer. Every day I want to be a writer. Just because you get a play done or something, or a play published, I still want to be a writer. I still feel like an aspiring writer. Or maybe I'm not using that term correctly. But people think that once you make it you don't have to want anymore. But I'm still wanting. I just want to be good at it. That's what I wanted when I was starting out. I just want to write a good story or a good play.

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