David Copperfield
I came to Dickens relatively late in life, but in a way, I think that's the best time. When you're a child, all you see is the plum-pudding characterization and twisting-and-turning storylines, and though that is part of the juicy pleasure of Dickens, you need to be an adult to get the heartbreaking measure of his genius. And nothing shows that more, for me, than David Copperfield. It's the fullest, most breathtakingly truthful story of life—not for nothing was it Freud's favorite novel.
— Nigella Lawson

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"[I???ve been meaning to read] David Copperfield. I've read less Dickens than I'd like to admit, and I'm even more ashamed of my reason: The books are so long. They look impenetrable, like things you'd use to pave a road rather than actually read. And yet I know, from reading Little Dorrit, that they're unbelievably fun."
— Jennifer Egan

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