Reduce Eye Puffiness

To reduce eye puffiness, apply ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas for three to five minutes. This is exactly what derms and plastic surgeons recommend to their patients to treat swelling after a treatment or surgery.

…or Try This
Dot a small amount of cream onto your browbone, pressing down on four equidistant points as you move from the inner to the outer corner. Apply a small amount of cream onto the lower orbital bone, pressing four times as you go from the outer to inner corner. Then press down along the side of your nose.

Wake Up Tired Eyes
If your eyes feel tired and watery, blink! When most people work on a computer, they subconsciously suppress the natural urge to blink every five to ten seconds. By blinking purposefully (say, every time you hit the return key), you'll be giving your eyes a minivacation.

Change Your Frames, Change Your Life
For instant pizzazz, change the color of your glasses; treat yourself to green, burgundy, or midnight blue frames.

Clear Up Red Eyes
You can get rid of red eyes in an instant with drops, but don't regularly use those that are vasoconstrictors—they contain tetrahydrozoline, naphazoline, or oxymetazoline, which can be habit forming. Plus, your eyes will get redder when you stop. Use lubricating drops instead. (Try Systane, $17.50.)


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