Smile Brighter

Make your teeth look whiter with a blue-toned lipcolor. Try a blue-based pink, red, burgundy, or plum shade.

Plump Up Your Lips
For a fuller-looking mouth, apply your lipstick or gloss and then trace your lips in a matching lip liner. This makes your lip contour look more defined.

Get a New Lip Look
Wear a richly colored lipstick as a lip stain. Apply your favorite lipstick, blot it with a tissue, then repeat the process three times. You'll have a gorgeous, long-lasting, natural-looking lip stain in a color you love (but without the creamy, makeup-y texture).

Get Full Lips, for Real
For the fullest-looking lips (that don't scream "fake"), curl your lips tightly over your teeth. Trace right along the edge with a nude pencil. When you release your lips, you will have slightly overdrawn them in such a natural way that no one will notice. Fill in the rest of your lip with the nude pencil. Buff it sheer with your fingertip and then apply gloss.

Go for Drama
Small change, big drama: Try a deeper lipcolor. If you've always worn pink, go for a rose, purple, lilac, burgundy, or cool red. Do you tend toward brown? Then try brick red, orange, or a warm beige.


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