Lash Up

For full-looking lashes, hold the wand vertically when you apply mascara; coat each lash by swaying the wand from side to side, like a windshield wiper.

And Open Up
Or, to get the illusion of more-wide-open, almond-shaped eyes and higher cheekbones, drag the wand horizontally outward and upward. Apply two coats.

Curl for Drama
Give your eyelashes more drama by curling them just after you put on mascara. The mascara acts like a setting lotion, freezing the lashes into place. When you curl bare lashes, they tend to go straight as soon as you unclamp them.

Freshen Up—Fast
Your makeup will look refreshed if you recurl your lashes and apply another coat of mascara.

Intensify Your Eyes
Try eggplant eyeliner if you have green or hazel eyes; dark gray, if your eyes are blue or gray. For all eye colors, navy blue is less severe than black.

…and Make Them Bigger
To make small eyes look larger, apply white eyeliner pencil on the inner rims of the eye.

Hide Dark Circles
To brighten up your eye area, mix concealer with fluid highlighter and apply it underneath your eyes. The concealer will cover up any discoloration, and the highlighter will reflect light, detracting from bluish hues or fine lines.

Choose the Right Concealer
If you're fair, your concealer will look natural (instead of chalky) if you tap a creamy peach-colored blush just underneath your eyes (concentrating on any areas that are blue or purplish); apply concealer over that.

Add an Arch
Full, slightly arched brows make you look more awake. Use a brow powder one shade lighter than your natural color to fill in any sparse areas. Then brush your brows upward with a clear brow gel; the gel sets brows into place and gives them a natural sheen that's sometimes dulled by a powder or pencil.

Pop, You're Finished
And then, to make your eye makeup really pop, when you've finished applying it, dip a blush brush in a peachy pink powder blush and dust it lightly over your eyelids.


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